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One wellness traveler once said it well: “In Aruba you get to be mindful, without even having to try.”
Aruba has many different options for stress retreats, such as The Aruba Stress Resilience Getaway , Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi classes.
It is all possible in Aruba.

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  • Aruba Stress Resilience Getaway 2015
    limited places available

    Aruba Stress Resilience Getaway 2015

    J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 55

    Our daily lives are often full of rushing, overflowing agendas, fast-paced change and uncertainty. The tension that this causes can…

  • New Image Spa Aruba

    New Image Spa Aruba

    JE irausquin Blvd. #93

    New Image Spa Aruba invites you to enter a space where harmony and relaxation is combined with good taste, details…

  • Happy Buddha Aruba

    Happy Buddha Aruba

    Monserat 5 Aruba

    The only studio on Aruba to offer a diversity of yoga classes just as there is a diversity among people.…

  • Patrick and Carling

    Patrick and Carling


    Join us for 7 days of bliss, gratitude and lots of yoga over the Thanksgiving holiday! We will be staying…

  • Laurasykora Yoga Retreat

    Laurasykora Yoga Retreat


    Aruba Yoga Retreat 2015 When: August 15-20 Where: Aruba ~ Manchebo Resort & Spa Who: Laura Sykora and Victoria Arvizu  Details:​ Join Laura and Victoria…

  • Chagrin Yoga Retreat

    Chagrin Yoga Retreat

    Manchebo aruba

    Mark your calendar and join us for this all-inclusive, Chagrin Yoga Retreat in Aruba! Don’t miss 6 nights at the beautiful…