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Contact with nature promotes healing, health and wellness. Aruba, the natural wonder, has its beautiful blue space (sky and sea). Aruba has many world-class beaches, all with their unique characters. There’s the vast Eagle Beach, the big waves on the North shore, and the low, calm waters at Baby Beach in remote Seroe Colorado. There’s Arikok Park, which offers a unique and fascinating environment for hiking and contact with raw and unspoiled nature. The nature experience of Aruba is joy to all the senses. The breathtaking views, the warm sun and the soothing and cooling trade winds all make Aruba even more beautiful than it looks on postcards. The architecture and cultural diversity of Aruba, with hints of the Netherlands, offer a refreshing experience and challenge one’s own perspective. Museums, Carnival parades, and any of the great Aruban musicians, poets, and painters allow Aruba to offer wellness through nature as well as culture.

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  • Lourdes Grotto

    Lourdes Grotto


    The population of Aruba is predominantly Catholic, a fact that can be seen by observing the number of Catholic churches…

  • Natural Pool (Conchi)

    Natural Pool (Conchi)

    Natural pool aruba

    The natural pool is protected from the rough sea by surrounding rocks. This is one on the favorite sites on…

  • Arikok National Park

    Arikok National Park


    This beautiful national park in Aruba comprises almost 20 % of the island. Enjoy gorgeous vistas of Aruba’s rugged terrain,…